OH NOES (Sakura)

apology for massive LJ spam!


No, you're not going crazy or feeling deja vu. I apologize for the multiple icon post spam on musa! I changed the livejournal from individual account to a community account, because I was tired of logging in and out every time I had to post in the icon journal. However, in order to change musa into a community account, I had to have no posts in it to begin with. So I resorted to deleting all of the previous posts, and reposting them after I've changed it into a community.

Thus, the reason why you're spammed with multiple icon entries from me. =_=;;;;

Gomen nasai! Sumemasen! T___T;
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For manga100

Subject: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Total Icons count: 30/100
Original Icon Post: You're at the post!
Credit: brushes/textures: colorfilter, images: Manga Style, Serenitatis, DreamScapes
Notes: Please credit either musa or ecatalina if you use any of these, and let me know which ones you're taking. Please DO NOT direct link any icons. Thank you!

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